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"Be Your True Self"

Katherine Ni Keefe

PTP and LMT (she/they)

Polarity Therapy Practitioner

Craniosacral Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

NM Massage License #5470



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"Kathy's ability for touch and knowledge of the body is profound. She is a master of intuitive sensitivity with the strength needed to break down tension, stress, blockages and misdirected energy. With regular treatment from Kathy, I was able to move through and out of problem conditions that persisted otherwise. Thank you, Kathy." ~Jasmine


"Kathy is the best body worker I have ever had. Everything from the beautiful and relaxing environment she's made to her conversations and advice to her responsiveness to what's going on with me has been fantastic." ~Laura 


"Kathy is someone I go to regularly and have for 15 years. Her intuitive work is always amazing. Just to walk into her place is relaxing. She gives her best to you and you always know it." ~Elsie



About Kathy Ní Keefe (she/they)


I began my relationship with bodywork in 1997 through my own healing process, finding myself struggling with profound and constant physical pain and a deep separation of Self. I knew once I was better, I wanted to learn some of the practices that were so instrumental in helping me regain a more balanced place in my body, mind, and spirit. I am forever grateful to those people and practitioners who held space for me.


Having healed Fibromyalgia and an extreme case of Myofascial Pain Sydrome (MPS), I am happy to say that in 2006, I completed a 1,000 hour program in Polarity and Massage, a graduate of the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts (NMAHA) in Santa Fe, NM. I also have taken more than 350 classroom hours of Craniosacral Therapy continuing education with Craniosacral Master Etienne Peirsman. Since 2006, I have been supporting others work with some of the challenges this busy and sometimes complicated world can bring. I feel extremely privileged to be able to engage with people in their own healing processes. Because I have been through some deep terrain myself, often clients feel a profound sense of being "gotten" in the work we do together. 


I have had a meditation practice for more than 15 years. I also work deeply in my own processes with art, contemplation, neuroplasticity, and Self inquiry, continuing to expand my relationship to consciousness and soul. As a result, I will bring a deep and expansive heart connection to our time together and look forward to being in that space with you.


In addition to bodywork, I grew up in Massachusetts, competing for 15 years on a national level in equestrian events then graduating from Colgate University (magna cum laude) with a focus on Political Science. Since then, I have been an active participant in movements for social justice, working primarily on environmental and human rights issues. I am currently the Training & Campaign Manager at Tibet Action Institute. Additionally, I spent many years working for and with organizations such as GreenpeaceThe Ruckus Society, Students for a Free Tibetand Chainbreaker. I have facilitated workshops, fundraised, and participated in/coordinated direct actions that utilize my belief in the power of strategic nonviolence, my love of art, and my deep sensitivity to our common desire for happiness and security as forces for positive change. I am also a sports fan and have taken in many stray or feral dogs and cats!


Please feel free to call or email me to discuss any questions you may have.


"Kathy's gift of healing touch lies in her compassion for all beings. Her compassion radiates out her hands making my system feel heard and loved, allowing my own innate wisdom of health and healing be triggered from within. She is a gift to this world. Thank you, Kathy." ~Cami, Resonating Touch, BCPP, BCST, Reiki Master


"Kathy has a very strong mind, soul, and perspective on life. Put those together with her strong hands & you will see how good she is at her bodywork practice." ~Bill



 INNER WORKINGS: 505-988-5544


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