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"Be Your True Self"

Katherine Ni Keefe

PTP and LMT (she/they)

Polarity Therapy Practitioner

Craniosacral Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

NM Massage License #5470



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"Kathy's ability for touch and knowledge of the body is profound. She is a master of intuitive sensitivity with the strength needed to break down tension, stress, blockages and misdirected energy. With regular treatment from Kathy, I was able to move through and out of problem conditions that persisted otherwise. Thank you, Kathy." ~Jasmine


"Kathy is the best body worker I have ever had. Everything from the beautiful and relaxing environment she's made to her conversations and advice to her responsiveness to what's going on with me has been fantastic." ~Laura 


"Kathy is someone I go to regularly and have for 15 years. Her intuitive work is always amazing. Just to walk into her place is relaxing. She gives her best to you and you always know it." ~Elsie



Polarity and Craniosacral Therapies

In a Polarity session, we will work with both the energetic and structural aspects of the body, helping release blockages and imbalances in energy flow that can contribute to pain and restriction on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. For many, Polarity can also be a preventative treatment used to help maintain a place of center and connection.


Polarity works with five basic elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth), as well as the seven primary energy centers or chakras. Whether supporting the function of the organ systems, releasing the tension in muscles and connective tissue, mobilizing the body’s range of motion, or touching into the spiritual and emotional connection to Oneself, Polarity Therapy can be a powerful tool for healing. 


Techniques include light touch, deep and steady pressure, as well as gentle rocking techniques. I will listen to and follow your body's energy patterns through physical manipulations, gentle stretching and an intuitive sensitivity to energy pathways. At times, the work may move deeply into the tissues of the body, releasing blockages. At other times, the work may involve a quiet stillness, listening to and contacting the rhythms of your system. If needed, we will discuss techniques and exercises you can use at home that will help continue your process between our time together.


Craniosacral Therapy is an integral part of the Polarity process, subtly yet deeply accessing the energy flow of the cranium, spinal column, sacrum, connective tissue, and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The work touches into the functions and operations of the nervous system, contacting the multifaceted harmony and alignment that is your intrinsic nature.  Our bodies know how to heal, and Craniosacral helps us return to the midline, a place in our system where all is well, and health and connectivity exist. Many people report that a Craniosacral session can be a deeply meditative and expansive experience.


By working with such autonomic processes as the fight or flight and freeze responses, Craniosacral work (and Polarity Therapy overall) can help bring into balance such mechanisms when they are over or under active. Clients who have experienced car accidents or other traumas (including brain injuries) often find the work can help the nervous system release stored energy that may have locked in as physical pain, anxiety, anger, or other forms of distress. For many, this recalibration of experiences from the past that may continue to affect the body and emotional state of the present can be an important part of the healing process. While not an inherent part of the Craniosacral process, Neuroplasticity techniques can also be important in helping heal the brain when imbalances from physical or emotional trauma are causing distress and disease. We can rewire neural pathways to help us move from a state of trauma into a place of healing and I will bring techniques into our work that you can also take with you. 


In my own work healing my body of Fibromyalgia and intense chronic pain, I found this particular engagement with the nervous system to be an essential piece of the puzzle, and have found this to be also true for many of my clients. 


Craniosacral for infants and small children can also be a powerful way for new and young beings to be welcomed into this world. Even a smooth birth process can have lasting effects on a baby, and helping the cranial and nervous systems release and align can be an extremely helpful foundation. Dr. William Sutherland (an Osteopath who first started working with the cranial rhythms) decided at the end of his work-life to only treat babies and children. He believed setting the system on the right track at an early age was the best way he could be of the most service. Sessions with babies and small children will generally last 20-30 minutes.


Polarity and Craniosacral sessions are experience clothed, unless combined with Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, so it is important to come in loose, comfortable clothing.


"When I called Kathy to schedule an appointment for bodywork, I told her that I needed help with my painful bike-commuter knees. When we met later, I was impressed and grateful for the research she had done to assess what might be happening to cause the pain. Besides the work in the session, Kathy gave me some exercises to do at home to help with the imbalanced musculature around my knees. They are 100% better ever since." ~Kelley


"A session with Kathy is one of the greatest gifts I give to myself, especially when I'm feeling tired or stressed. The session always brings me back to a healthier and happier place and for that I am always grateful." ~Emily


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