Polarity, Craniosacral,          and Massage



"Be Your True Self"

Katherine Ni Keefe


Polarity Therapy Practitioner

Craniosacral Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

NM Massage License #5470



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The waiting room
The waiting room

"Kathy's ability for touch and knowledge of the body is profound. She is a master of intuitive sensitivity with the strength needed to break down tension, stress, blockages and misdirected energy. With regular treatment from Kathy, I was able to move through and out of problem conditions that persisted otherwise. Thank you, Kathy." ~Jasmine


"Kathy is the best body worker I have ever had. Everything from the beautiful and relaxing environment she's made to her conversations and advice to her responsiveness to what's going on with me has been fantastic." ~Laura 


"Kathy is someone I go to regularly and have for 12 years. Her intuitive work is always amazing. Just to walk into her place is relaxing. She gives her best to you and you always know it." ~Elsie



City of Santa Fe Employees


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am not practicing bodywork at this time. Please check back here for updates. Stay safe and keep up to date on the latest information from the CDC and the WHO. And please remember, it is VERY important to feel whatever feelings of grief/loss/fear that are coming up AND to consciously, every day, connect with beautiful, comforting people/things/thoughts...whatever that is for you that produces a warm fuzzy feeling inside that means you are generating helpful endorphins and oxytocin. This will help keep your brain from being in a constant state of trauma with longer-term effects.



I am a provider in the Cigna Health Care network.  If you are a City of Santa Fe employee with Cigna health insurance that is experiencing pain, stress-related symptoms, an acute injury, etc., you can come see me for a session and just pay your co-pay. (I can look up your benefits and check your co-pay which is often $0.) I will bill Cigna for the rest of the session. You can call, text, or email to set up an appointment.


"Bodywork is essential for me in my line of work. For 30 years I have been to many therapists, going from one to another. In 2011, a friend suggested I call Kathy and I have happily been with her ever since. She is a true professional. From my very first visit, there has been an atmosphere of safety and confidence. Her approach is very intuitive and wise; she seems to always know what is needed. I highly recommend Kathy."  ~Jane



INNER WORKINGS: 505-988-5544


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