Polarity, Craniosacral,          and Massage



"Be Your True Self"

Katherine Ni Keefe

PTP and LMT (she/they)

Polarity Therapy Practitioner

Craniosacral Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

NM Massage License #5470



Gift Certificates Available



"Kathy's ability for touch and knowledge of the body is profound. She is a master of intuitive sensitivity with the strength needed to break down tension, stress, blockages and misdirected energy. With regular treatment from Kathy, I was able to move through and out of problem conditions that persisted otherwise. Thank you, Kathy." ~Jasmine


"Kathy is the best body worker I have ever had. Everything from the beautiful and relaxing environment she's made to her conversations and advice to her responsiveness to what's going on with me has been fantastic." ~Laura 


"Kathy is someone I go to regularly and have for 15 years. Her intuitive work is always amazing. Just to walk into her place is relaxing. She gives her best to you and you always know it." ~Elsie



Therapeutic Massage

Massage can generate deep relaxation and help the tissues and body as a whole release tension, pain, and injury. Many people report a sense of nurturing and overall calmness from massage that is both balancing and restorative. Whether you are suffering from chronic muscle or joint pain, stress, injury, or want to take a moment to rest, massage can help. If you use your body in hard physical labor or athletic endeavors, massage can help keep your body at its peak performance. For many, it is a preventative technique used to help maintain a place of center and connection.


Swedish Massage is particularly designed to increase blood flow and can provide a sense of well-being, vitality, and assist with muscle tone, alleviating soreness and restriction. Deep tissue massage reaches into blockages in the muscles and connective tissue, helping unwind trigger points and knots that can refer pain throughout the body.


Trigger Points are tight bands in the muscle that we experience as "knots."  They can refer pain throughout the body, often skipping muscle groups.  A pain in the wrist, for example, could actually be coming from a trigger point in the neck or shoulder.  People often experience trigger point pain as a very sore spot or an electrical feeling in the tissue. I have experience finding and releasing trigger points which can be very beneficial if you are experiencing chronic pain or an acute injury.  


With massage, I utilize oil and sometimes lotion to work with the tissues.  As a client, you can undress to whatever level you are comfortable, though you will always be draped with a towel and/or sheet throughout the session. For those that prefer to remain clothed, we can easily work through the clothing, just not with oil.


I will adjust pressure and use a variety of strokes depending on your needs and desired outcome. If you are looking to simply relax and unwind, we can do a full body massage. For people working on a particular injury or chronic issue, we will generally spend more time focusing on a particular area. Either way, the work will be integrated so you leave the session feeling fully met. If needed, we will discuss techniques and exercises you can use at home that will help continue your process between our time together.


Massage can and often will be combined with Polarity and Craniosacral work, depending on your needs.


"Why do I  love my massage with Kathy? Let me count the ways. I am always ultra-relaxed and in my body when I leave. She combines Polarity energy work along with her outstanding knowledge of the body to promote healing. She very sensitively addresses the specifics of my aches and pains. She exudes a truly caring, loving energy throughout our time together. And, the special extra...She has created a wonderfully calming, soothing space to be in. My time with Kathy is a real gift to my life! I'm very grateful!" ~Elsie, Singing Heart Creations


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