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"Be Your True Self"

Katherine Ni Keefe


Polarity Therapy Practitioner

Craniosacral Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

NM Massage License #5470



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The waiting room
The waiting room

"Kathy's ability for touch and knowledge of the body is profound. She is a master of intuitive sensitivity with the strength needed to break down tension, stress, blockages and misdirected energy. With regular treatment from Kathy, I was able to move through and out of problem conditions that persisted otherwise. Thank you, Kathy." ~Jasmine


"Kathy is the best body worker I have ever had. Everything from the beautiful and relaxing environment she's made to her conversations and advice to her responsiveness to what's going on with me has been fantastic." ~Laura 


"Kathy is someone I go to regularly and have for 12 years. Her intuitive work is always amazing. Just to walk into her place is relaxing. She gives her best to you and you always know it." ~Elsie





Qigong, Chi Kung or Chi Gung is a practice of aligning breath and movement while developing focus and awareness. It literally means "Life Energy Cultivation." With roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts and philosophy, Qigong can be used as medicine, exercise and as a meditative and spiritual practice. 


A typical Qigong practice involves slow, deep breathing co-ordinated with fluid, precise movements. This helps promote a calm, mindful state while increasing the circulation of Qi, or "intrinsic life energy" throughout the body. Practicing Qigong opens the heart and can assist in the transformation of sadness, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts and emotions.


There are literally thousands of Qigong forms with hundreds of schools/lineages. I am a Level 1, Level 2, and Strength Training Certified Qigong Instructor through the Supreme Science Qigong Center. These are forms that help build both internalized and externalized Qi, incorporating such Qigong movements as Earth Hands, Cloud Hands, Around the World, Empty Force, Push Hands, Drawing the Bow and Spiraling. Strength Training combines traditional exercises like push ups and leg lifts with Qi Gong postures, which helps the body recover faster.


I am available for tutorials in Level 1, Level 2, and Strength Training Qigong, each session lasting approximately 1 hour. We will practice a form you can take with you and continue using on your own in between our times together. 


"I've been a lifelong yoga practitioner. Kathy introduced me to Qigong as another healing movement modality. Her explanations are always clear, and she has a wonderful, deeply intuitive grasp of energy movement. Kathy's Qigong strength training is a serious workout flawlessly combined with dedicated spiritual practice. Every one of her classes, whether it is classic Qigong or Qigong strength training, is restorative and healing, and centers me in body and mind. I highly recommend working with Kathy!" ~Sierra



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